Vet Dash

OMFG! What a nightmare we ended up having! We were hiring a van today. We had an appointment at 2.30pm to take Chris for a health check at the vets. Em was picking the van up at 1.30pm giving her time to come back and get me and Chris for the vet check. Because of the whole bankruptcy thing we had to change bank accounts. The debit card we have now, the car hire place doesn’t except!
So no van. Em had to get to a phone box – her phone had run out of credit. She called her dad to see if she could borrow his car. YES! But she had to get there on the bus first. The bus left town at 2pm and would get her to her dads about 10 past. Then she’d have to come and get me and Chris. It was tight and I called the vets to let them know that we’d be 10 mins late, praying we’d only actually BE 10 mins late. Phew!
She was given the all clear and the go ahead for pet aid – free vet cover for low income earners.
The second reason for the van was for a visit to ikea for a new sofa. I was SO anticipating going there to get it. We’d planned it for like 4 weeks! And had been needing a new sofa for MONTHS! I was SO disappointed we couldn’t hire the van. What a day!