Lady Stardust?

Well, here’s the abortion I was referring to on Twitter last night.


It does seem to have settled a little bit now and gone a bit darker…just a tad…it’s STILL not what I was expecting though and I am disappointed with the colour. I actually think I look more C. U. Jimmy than Ziggy Stardust! Lord help me!


2 thoughts on “Lady Stardust?

  1. oh dude its awesome! im totally partial to a firey red head! ill email you a pic of me when i had FIRE ENGINE RED HAIR…oooh it was hot!! soooo hot!!!and i gotsta dye my hair also…boring brown coz i cant be too crazy now i have an old man lol!love it! love ya!barbz xoxox

  2. It’s definitely not as orange as you think it is! I actually like the colour!How are you doing? I’ve not had an email from you lately, and just wanted to check in!I’ve TOTALLY got to dye my hair sooo sooo badly. I haven’t re-dyed my bangs since like, March or something. My roots are awful!

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