Hitchin and The Latest DVD’s.

We’re going off to Hitchin today. It’s one of very few towns left in this country that has managed to retain some of its identity.

Keeping an eye on Chrissy today. She used her litter tray this morning. When I went to clean out her faeces from the tray, I noticed her stool was bloody. She’s NEVER passed a bloody stool, ever, so I’m slightly worried – especially so that now (for about the past 12 months) she has no pet insurance covering her. I’ll just have to keep an eye on her and hope there are no further signs of illness.

The DVD’s arriving in the post today are:

Series 2 of Blackadder. I LOVE Blackadder – but not the first series. It’s too Mr Bean, whereas the second series, the character develops into the Edmund Blackadder we love to hate to love. And I just LOVE Miranda Richardson’s Queenie! And of course, Stephen Fry as Lord Melchett.

Jekyll Series 1, starring James Nesbitt, written by new executive producer of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat. It was on when I was in Oz and Em told me it was very good.

Last is Brigadoon. I’d always heard the word bandied about, but never really knew of the story. It fascinated me once I’d read about it and so thought I’d get the film. I love Gene Kelly as well, so any excuse will do!

Anyway, Hitchin calls.