Favourite Music Artist – P

This is a little bit more drawn out than I hoped, but it’s probably better that it IS like this anyway (the whole fave music acts thing, I mean). I realised some time back that I made a mistake with “I”, adding Iggy Pop to my I list, when rightfully, he should be here. But anyway…

My first P is…Pulp. They were the epitome of Brit Pop on the mid 90’s (even though they’d been around for YEARS already). Loved them. Love “Common People” and bought “Disco 2000” as a single back then. Love Jarvis Cocker as well, continuing the whole “tall-streak-of-piss-cool-geek” thing I’m on atm. He recently wrote a song called “Running The World” with the chorus line “c*nts are still running the world”.

Pulp – Trees

My second choice is Pet Shop Boys. I’ve never really bought any of their stuff, but I love a lot of it.

Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly

Finally, a mention to… Power Station. A short-lived supergroup with John and Andy Taylor from Duran Duran, Tony Thompson on drums, and Robert Palmer as singer. I thought their sound was f*cking awesome! I bought the album at the time (circa 1985) and played it to death. Tony Thompson’s drumming was just killer! He did a lot of work for Bowie as well.

Power Station – Get It On

Obviously a YouTube clip can not reveal the powerhouse of sound, but it was ROCKIN’, trust me!!!