More Glasto and The Doctor

Glued to the telly again last night for more Glastonbury and last nights penultimate Doctor Who.

I’ll start with Glasto as I’m waiting for a clip I’ve uploaded to YouTube to be available when referring to Dr Who.

It was Amy Winehouse and Jay-Z headlining Glasto last night. Amy! What a mess! The total shambles that woman has made of herself, honestly. She sounds amazing on the record, but with the things she’s been doing to herself for the last 12 months, she’s now got emphysema and it really shows in her voice. Plus she does all this needless warbling and mumbling. It was just dire.

As for Jay-Z. Good sense of humour starting his set as he did, but it can’t detract from the fact that I (and many other traditional Glasto fans) don’t see a place for rap at Glasto. He went straight into 99 Problems and I tuned out!

I actually liked watching some of James Blunt’s set. He did a lovely version of “Goodbye My Lover” and I love “Same Mistake”. Joan Armatrading sounded on form. I saw her do “I Love It When You Call Me Names”, my fave song of hers. Was pee’d off there was no footage of Crowded House shown. Well, if there was, I didn’t see, and I was surfing all the channels all night. The highlight of the night though, for pure cool was Buddy Guy. Woah, what a legend! I’d not even heard of the guy until last night. He was cool!!!

On to Doctor Who. We’re left with a “cliff-hanger” at the end of the penultimate episode. Is The Doctor about to change?


The episode itself, I thought was a bit mediocre. I really hope it picks up next week. This scene (the reason behind the regeneration) just made me want to throw up, seriously. I know Rose means a lot to The Doctor and likewise, but this running scene was just OTT. And exactly HOW long is that road meant to be? They both seemed to run LONGER than the actual road!

Psychs R.I.P.

From our procrastination at putting off cleaning out the fish tank, our oldest fish, Psychs, has died.

He was just over 5 years old. We bought him when I came back from my trip to Oz in 2003. He and Budley were our first fish. Budley barely lasted until Xmas, but Psychs was made of stronger stuff. He survived new fish in the tank, tank changes, a house move.

He had progressively been getting ill over the last few months. We’d only just brought him back from the brink with the last tank clean. He’d lapsed again in the last week, but we just didn’t act quickly enough to clean the tank.

R.I.P Psychs. We’ll miss you 😦