For the second time in as many weeks I’ve had a dream about David Tennant.

The first dream I had a few weeks ago was highly sexual with me in bed with said Mr. Tennant (in my dreams exactly!). That was quite nice. It has been said by his colleagues that he’s referred to as David Ten-inch – whether that’s actually true or not, who knows?

Anyway, the second dream was a bit more generalised and ephemeral. It was basically just me saying “David Tennant – PHWAR!” I was dreaming that I was back home and visiting my sister-in-law who only lives a few streets away from my mums house. I actually DID think to myself, before waking up proper and remembering I was in Luton “I must actually go and visit my sister-in-law. It’s been bloody AGES since I walked to her house.” Well it would be wouldn’t, living some 12,000 miles away! I felt like a right div when I actually woke up.

Firstly for the David Tennant part of the dream. I find myself coming round thinking “Man, I’m really getting “into” this bloke ain’t I?” And secondly for my predictability for going for a weedy guy. I’ve always been attracted to tall, thin guys, but only ever ended up dating short-asses. Roger was barely 5 foot 5. Em’s only slightly taller at like 5′ 7″ (not that she’s a guy as such). But really it’s always been tall weedy blokes. I’m not attracted to real muscle-bound types at all. I think blokes with muscles look hideous.

Now I’m finding myself REALLY looking forward to next weeks Doctor Who 🙂