Happy 100!


Not that I have much in the way of topics for this auspicious post, but Happy 100th Posting on my Antipodean – The Right Side Up blog!!! Yay!

I can’t even believe I’d have 100 posts in me. But it has taken about 8 months to get here. Not exactly one posting a day, but then I made up for some by posting 4 in a row yesterday!

When I’m in the mood, I can talk the leg off an iron chair (is that an Oz phrase?). But when it comes to writing posts I have to have no distractions. Which is hard sometimes. Em’s a good multi-tasker, so she can write posts on her blog and do all the other things that have her sitting in front of a computer for 14 hours a day, whilst *I* cannot tolerate having music or the TV on while I’m trying to write stuff out.

Until recently we were only using one computer as well, which meant there was a fight for time on the ‘net and because Em uses it far more than me, she naturally just “won out” on ‘net time. It was only when she’d go out for a few hours during the day or similar, that I’d spend more than 20 minutes on the ‘net.

Now we have 2 computers set-up (which is SSSSOOOOOO bad), I am spending more and more time on the ‘net. Roughly about 5 hours a day. WAY too long, but you know the old adage…if you can’t beat them, join them. That’s pretty much what I’ve done.

Also now ratings season is off on TV in the UK, so TV’s pretty bare at the moment.

I think that’s where me and Em differ. She’s the Internet whore, I’m the TV whore. She’s rarely interested in TV these days, and only occasionally ACTUALLY sits on the sofa to watch something with me. Even if she IS interested in something, she might only still watch it from the computer chair, so attached like Velcro to it that she is!

Oh, this has SO turned out into an anti-Em rant! lol Not anti-Em, but anti-Em – computer/Internet whore, really. It’s making me laugh referring to it as “Anti-Em”. Makes it sound like she’s from The Wizard of Oz “Oh, Aunty Em, Aunty Em”! In the very, VERY early days of our relationship I did call her “aunty”, before I got all love-struck and got the “hots” for her 🙂

But I digress. No I don’t. This is the most “nothing” post I’ve written! lol

Anyway, here’s to another 100 posts and many more (hopefully with better topics, or at least posts WITH topics other than, “hey, I’ve written a load of posts!”).

Photo supplied by Pin Shy Avenue under Creative Commons license.