My Favourite TV Advert Of The Moment.

This tickles my funny bone.


3 thoughts on “My Favourite TV Advert Of The Moment.

  1. a DANDA? That’s kinda weird and creepy, but cute. Especially since he’s apparently italian, also.I keep forgetting to look up if there are any UK import shops here. There was one in Kansas (!!) that I got some things from when we lived in Oklahoma. There’s got to be one here, as there’s a store for everything here.I’m assuming you saw the QI where they discuss the difference in cakes/cookies and biscuits. I keep using the slash because for me biscuits are these things:,,FOOD_9936_151,00.html(basically a scone minus sugar)that I eat with white gravy and patty breakfast sausages. YUM. Very “southern” thing, but very yummy.

  2. Vinnie is meant to be a hybrid called a Danda (dog/panda) as there is a separate company also called Fox’s over here that sell a sweet called Glacier Mints and they use a polar bear as branding on the bag. So the Fox’s biskwit (I’m deliberately spelling wrong, to emulate Vinnie’s pronunciation of the word) company are not allowed to use bear images in their advertising.Vinnie says, ver batim “I’ve got to a stage in my career (touch wood and don’t say nothin’ you might regret on the telephone) when I can afford to enjoy the finer things in life. Hand-made shoes from Italy, furniture from France, and from England, Fox’s biskwits. These guys know a thing to two about biskwits! Look at the craftsmanship. Woah! Go to ya supermarket and say ‘Vinnie sent ya’ for the ‘good stuff’.”And yes, Fox’s biskwits are pretty good. All different varieties too. We had 2 big selections boxes at Xmas. Yum!

  3. 1. Cute! i like how he’s all scruffy and stuff.2. I have no idea what he says at the beginning about wood and telling people something? I’ve played it three times now and it’s gibberish to me.3. scruffy pants!4. are fox’s any good?5. omg I love cookies/biscuits

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