After diligently doing some video archiving until about 2am this morning (to see the video, check out – the name of the sight cracks me up, it sounds more like a forum for people wanting to talk about bowel movements! Em uses a third-party Twitter client called Spaz! Where DO they get the names of these sites/apps from?!)

Anyway, I digress. We’d been in bed about an hour (even though it was 2am when we went to bed, I still played with my Nintendo DS for a while) and I saw this flash of light come through the windows. I thought to myself “Gee, that was a strong set of headlights!”, then seconds later there was a rumble which made me think “That plane was a bit noisy.” It’s not unheard of for us to get planes taking off and landing at the airport on the wee hours, actually it’s quite regular. Then a few minutes later there was another flash and I finally realised…that’s no car headlights! YIKES! It’s a thunderstorm, followed quickly by conformation in the form of a particularly loud rumbling clap of thunder!

It’s hardly been “tropical” in the UK over the last few days, particularly in the south of England where we have been lumped with the worse weather over the bank holiday weekend. So to have a thunderstorm in such banal conditions felt REALLY odd. It hasn’t even been warm!! It was just freaky!

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