There Is Hog In The Box!

It seems too early, but already we have a hedgehog in our makeshift box by our front door. It’s not the biggest hog, nor is it a baby. Em wants to get some food for it, but we have more cats in our patch of wood that you can shake a stick at. But we have a set-up that hopefully means the food will only go to the little hoggy. 

Sadly Em did find a dead baby hog nearly 2 weeks ago now, on the lawn. Not sure what happened to it, whether it was an over curious cat, or perhaps even a kill by a bird of prey that was dropped in our garden (we do have birds of prey fly around our neck of the woods ‘cos we border the countryside), who knows? It’s was only the littlest baby. I hope it wasn’t the baby of the one in the box 😦

Stay tuned on hog developments.