The Winter Spring Clean.

Myself and the co-inhabitant of the two-storey rabbit hutch we reside in decided it was time for a much needed spring clean of the bedroom (yes, only one – it’s all the hutch has). As we don’t have wheels of our own, we hired a car to help with the “dirty deed”. The plan was to buy wardrobe space and use the ‘robe space provided (the bedroom has a built-in ‘robe) as actual storage space for “junk” (IE: stuff we want to keep that’s not used daily or frequently).

We bought two canvas covered ‘robes for our clothes to go into and cleared away the pile of stuff that had accumulated in the corner of the bedroom. The ‘robes were culled of excess clothes, which saw 3 wheelie bin sacks of clothes taken away for charity. On top of that, there was probably another 3 wheelie bin sacks of actual rubbish taken to the tip.

It was two days of toil, but worth it, as the result is very pleasing to the eye.

Yesterday was “us” time. A day in which the car was used for leisure. We went to Milton Keynes early in the afternoon. First to a garden centre over there. It was busy for the end of January. Only about 4 spots left in a 80 bay car park. We looked for a new seed feeder for the goldfinches that come and visit the garden (no real luck there) and in the craft section, I found a peacock feather for Chrissy. There’s a little fruit and veg shop there too, so I got a few things from there. A lovely little slice of shortbread biscuit with a caramelised top (yum), a stick of soft liquorice (yes, it IS a fruit and veg shop, honest), some Jerusalem artichoke, broccoli and courgette (see, I told you it was a fruit and veg shop).

From there we went on to a shopping district of MK that has a Morrison’s supermarket and a few other shops. There’s one there called “…in Store” where we found some white onions to grow. Then we went into the pet shop there and got a replacement seed feeder for the goldfinches. After that, on to Morrison’s, my favourite UK supermarket. We don’t have one locally (Well not REALLY local anyway, our nearest is about 12 miles away. Easy to get to with wheels, but not public transport), so while we had wheels, we had to go to one. I love Morrison’s. For the Aussie’s reading the blog, it’s more Coles rather than Franklins. It’s just a nicer shopping experience here, and they have the BEST own brand products, including a top of the range brand called (appropriately), The Best.

We buy their own brand tea bags. The best tea, by far. Better than the brand names. You can keep ya Lipton’s and Tetley’s, PG Tips, and Typhoo, for me it’s Morrison’s Red Label ALL THE WAY! Their UHT milk is the nicest and creamiest too. We can stock up on the tea bags, but not so much on the milk. It’s the nature of UHT milk, I know, but finances hinder the stock pile of that…plus the lack of space to keep it all in.

I really do miss my regular Morrison’s shops. That’s the only thing I miss having a car for, it really is. Sad, eh?

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