Tubs The Goldfinch.

During the last 12 months we’ve had visits from goldfinches, probably the most exotically colourful birds we see in Britain. We used to get a pair, and only just when I got back from Oz did I see the pair, but of late there has only been a single goldfinch visit. Em has come to call him “Tubs” as he sits on the nyger seed feeder for at least 10 minutes, topping himself up with food. He looks a little rotund these days and sometimes he can visit our garden 3-4 times in one day! He has in the last week, single-handedly depleted our stock of nyger seed. So on our travels out yesterday, we picked up two bags of nyger seed and topped up the feeder. I am hoping that this will entice Tubs’ lady friend (I assume the other goldfinch must be female) to come back and visit with him. They are such gorgeous birds.

Here is a pic of a goldfinch – not Tubs himself, I will endeavour to get a pic of him – for you to enjoy.