It’s the silly season.

I’m a not-avid follower of the snooker. Sometimes I watch, other times not. I’ve not really been keeping up-to-date with the latest competition, but couldn’t help but hear what happened in Ronnie O’ Sullivan’s match with Stephen Hendry. Hendry was up 4-1 in frames and Ronnie was trailing in the sixth frame by 20 odd points. It was his pot, he failed to pot a red and just left the table, went over to Hendry, shaked his hand and left the hall! He’d conceded defeat just 5 frames into a 17 frame match?!


Speaking of strange…but DEAD funny! Em and I got onto the subject of an ad that was on TV here until last year. It’s for a product called Crusha, a flavouring you add to milk to make a “milkshake”. It looks like it’s made of radioactive material when you see it in the bottle – and I must admit I’ve never bought the stuff, but the ad is a hoot!! I HAD to go and try and find it on youtube. Amazingly it was there! lol

Add milk, or we’ll Crusha!
Another festive treat for you. Here is the Baarmy Army sheep singing Jingle Bells!