British “Reality” TV, Saturday night feast.


So we were “spoilt” for choice tonight. We had X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing (aka Dancing With The Stars in other areas of the world) and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

You can’t watch everything in one night, so I plumbed for X Factor (which I’ve only been watching since the final 12 acts were chosen) and Celeb. Strictly Come Dancing I can watch in highlights form tomorrow night (as I would never waste my money to vote anyway, not on any of them).

Am I the only person out there that agrees with Simon Cowell about the MacDonald Brothers?? I mean, seriously! There is just no contest between them and the other acts! If it’s all to do with Scottish votes then all I can say is WAKE UP SCOTLAND! If it’s patriotism influencing votes, you (Scotland) had a great act in Nikkita, why waste your votes on the MacDonald’s? Tonight they performed one of my pet hate songs…Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet. It was abominable! So then they survive the public vote by SO MUCH they’re not even in the bottom two! I was astounded! The bottom two were Eton Rd and Robert. And then, despite of the two, Eton Rd giving the weaker performance, they survive and we say goodbye to Robert! It must be bloody rigged for the MacDonald’s to carry on surviving week after week. Just so all of you out there in blog-land can see what I’m talking about, here’s the MacDonald Brothers performance for you to endure.


I finally got the bush-tucker trial I had been waiting for with the arrival of an extra celeb to join the others’ in the jungle, Dean Gaffney. A rather sad person at any other time. Has been actor that was in Eastenders for a number of years, that would turn up in the odd celebrity reality programme like The Club, with Samatha Fox. So I didn’t really hold out much hope, but give him his dues, he stuck to the task at hand, and probably managed to surpass Paul Burrell’s BTT on pure entertainment value! Here is a highlight package of Dean Gaffney’s trial. If you are squeamish, take heed, there is a bit of retching to be endured.

Dean Gaffney’s Bush Tucker Trial

They are all going nuts in there man. The only sane ones seem to be Matt Willis and Myleene Klass. Jan Leeming is just about the most annoying moaner ever to be put in there. Still, until she’s booted out, she’ll be put through more BTT’s so there you go. Tonight’s one that Jason and Phina had to do was back to lameness. Jan’s one that we’ll see tomorrow sounds promising, if she even starts it! Tell you what, I wouldn’t want to be bitten by a bunch of angry snakes, non-venomous or otherwise!