I’m a celebrity (are you?), get me out of here!

OK, I’m not a TOTAL reality TV junkie, but I do find myself falling for “celebrity” each year. Mostly because I find Ant & Dec’s presentation so entertaining. It is a bit of a Z-list fest this year though. Here’s the rundown.


  • Most “famous” celeb – David Gest, freakazoid ex-hubby of Liza Minnelli.
  • A bit down hill from here – Jason Donovan, Oz ex-neighbours/pop star.
  • Matt Willis, ex-Busted star, now solo pop artist (recent stint in re-hab).
  • Myleene Klass, former Hear’Say (first winners of UK Pop Stars) member, classical muscian and TV presenter.
  • Lauren Booth, journalist and more famous for being the half-sister of Cherie Blair and hence Tony’s sister-in-law. That’s a bit of a clutch at the “celeb” straw…but it only gets worse.
  • Faith Brown, some 70’s female impressionist that has not been on TV since, well, since long before I moved to the UK.
  • Phina Oruche, some X-list celeb, pretending to be famous for doing a bit of acting, recently seen on The Bill (for about 2 episodes).
  • Toby Anstis, former children’s TV presenter, now radio DJ…nope, I’d never heard of him either.
  • Jan Leeming, an ex-news presenter, long before I moved here seemingly.
  • Scott Henshall, some fashion designer that probably IS remotely famous in the right circles…possibly.

I have to say, I only am familiar with the first 4 on the list, and only vaguely remembered Phina Oruche because I was watching The Bill around the time she was in it, but it was only on seeing her did I know who she was. I didn’t know by name alone.

Having said that, it still should be good to watch, I hope. Although so far the bush-tucker trails have been lame. Jan Leeming did the first which was going down a long pit and piercing covers over holes in the pit and having to put her hands into the holes to retrieve stars. She got 3, but dropped 1, so was only declared to have 2 (each star equals an evening meal for the camp). The next trail was David Gest’s. He had to get into a tank, which was slowly going to be filled with water, and all manner of creatures, whilst he had to get 10 monkey wrenches to fit 10 different sized bolts. Each would open to let in water, creepies and would give you access to a star. He was quite good. Wasn’t overtly scared and got 6 stars. The last one was Scott Henshall’s. It was called “Jungle Boogie” I think. Anyway, a pair of giant plastic pants that you had to be dropped into, then you had to dance to songs whilst all different kind of creepy-crawlies were put into the pants. He had to last out for 4 songs. He lasted ONE. Granted the song did go on for about 3 minutes and he had to dance non-stop so he was getting pretty tired ‘cos he was basically jogging. But they only dropped mealworms and crickets into the pants and he gave up after getting only 1 star.

The next trial is lame too. A heights thing which is gonna have both Jan Leeming and Scott Henshall together. The camp is gonna get pretty hungry!!! I hope the trails improve though. The scarier the better I say!


One thought on “I’m a celebrity (are you?), get me out of here!

  1. hey dude! im not down with the whole reality tv thing, not a big fan at all but hey theres nothing else on, and the radio sucks balls too these days! i was looking at your list of things to do and i wanted to 100% agree with you about starbucks! its craptastic! its like mud with water and a dash of powdered milk eeeeewwwww! or as landon would put it ppppffffttt! lol
    i only buy segafreddo coffee, its italian and freeking ace!
    any ways better jet, things to do, nappies to change!
    love ya loads mwah!
    love barbz and landypoo

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