Euromillions! 100 in fact…

I nearly forgot! I nearly forgot to put my entry in. It was only a story about it on the BBC news web site today that reminded me of it. The jackpot stands at an estimated £100 million! I can’t even put that into context, so the BBC tried. They say on their web site, that figure would buy any of these:

  • 1.6 James Bond films (making-of)
  • 2.2 paintings like Klimt’s Adele Bloch-Bauer II, which sold for £45 million this week
  • 3 private 2,000 acre islands in the Grenadines in the Caribbean
  • 454 Roll Royce Phantoms
  • 67,000 nights in a suite at the Burj Al Arab 7* star hotel in Dubai (that’s 183 years worth!)
  • A days food for 250 million people in the 3rd world.

It’s mind-blowing! I’ve just put my entry in, so fingers well and truly crossed. I don’t think I’ll be buying 2 paintings or 454 rollers with it though. It would be lovely to do something more akin to the item on the bottom of the list. I wrote it as the list appears on the beeb. Sadly I think most greedy people in the world would put being philanthropic with the money way down the list. I might not extend my generosity to THAT degree, as I would want some of the money for myself and my family. But I would definitely NOT keep £100 million to myself! I would probably use 1/4 to 1/3 of the money for me and my family, then do good deeds with the rest. I mean, you think 1/4 of that some would be £25 mil! That would be more than enough for me and my family. I would only want a few for myself. I think any more than £3 million I’d probably struggle to spend it. I have one sister and three brothers, then all my nieces and nephews (11). One niece has a son and my other nieces and nephews will have families in time. Then there’s Em side of the family – her parents and brother.

I could dream spending it all day! That’s the kind of thing I’d like to do though. Not just piss off to some private island and live like a millionaire, I’d want to do good with it. Splash it around – in the right way!