Gearing Up…

Today was Em’s parents 50th wedding anniversary! Fifty years! Now that’s medal awarding! We went around in the afternoon with our rather lame gift (a golden anniversary card and a bottle of wine). Colin arrived afterwards with lots more gifts, somewhat outdoing us, but was kind enough to hand it over as a joint gift, although it wasn’t really.

Tomorrow I am sure there will be kiddies from all round “trick or treat”-ing. They won’t get anything here sadly. I can’t be buying sweets for strangers children. Buy your own kids sweets instead of scrounging off strangers! The local paper was kind enough to print a poster for the elderly to put up on their door (see picture…it’s of a copy of the poster being held by PC George Pugh of Bedfordshire Police), but I am in a right mind to put the poster up on OUR door. We can’t give them anything, so we might as well let them know they’ll be wasting their time knocking.

Tuesday is the true Halloween and it spells the passing of another year for me. I’ll be another year closer to 40, God help me! Be in mourning for me everyone 😦 At least I might get fireworks for my brithday.

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