Why do they do this?

So, I’m at ASDA the other night & I fancy something sweet (as usual), so I see a chocolate mousse for sale on the shelf and think “Yes, that’s what I fancy!” I pick it up thinking that, from the label it looks really posh. It wasn’t until later when I was ready to eat it and took it out of the fridge that what I actually picked up was not a “posh” mousse at all but ASDA’s “extra special” brand, with a newly designed logo.


It’s gone from this (left image), to this (right image). If you can even see the images! Anyway, it got me thinking how much this must cost ASDA, wanting to change the design of their “extra special” logo? It can’t be cheap! And the other question begging to be asked is, why?  Why change a logo that you’ve only been using (from my knowledge) for perhaps 18 months? Maybe it just proves that supermarkets have far more money than sense.

By the way, in answer to the question I can hear you all asking…no, the mousse was not “extra special”.